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Minesoft TMQuest is a FREE searchable trademark database, designed to be easy to use- yet thorough
enough for Trademark and Legal Professionals
to pinpoint specific information as well as conduct
broad name searches.

Minesoft TMQuest covers US registered trademarks from 1881 to present and the site is updated on a daily basis, so you can check for the latest actions on specific applications at any given time.

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  • Free online trademark search tool for trademark and legal professionals
  • Search US trademarks from 1881 to present
  • Browse by categories, design, filing date and serial number
  • No sign-up
  • TMQuest

Searching is fast and trademarks that match the search query are provided in an
easy-to-read report, linked directly to the USPTO website.
Users can browse the database by: Top 500 companies, Categories/Classes, Design,
Filing Date and Serial Number.
Advanced Search options facilitate searching trademarks by owner, agent, goods and
services, classification (International and US), current status, date and more.

PLUS fuzzy searching, 'sounds like' searching, synonyms, stemming, wildcard (truncation)
and more, for sophisticated Trademark Name searches!
Once you access the service, Help and Tips on searching using some of the more advanced
features of Minesoft TMQuest are easily accessible.
There is no sign-up required - just go to and start searching now!