IP Document Retrieval Services

patent pdf retrieval service

Tempus IP offers the full range of IP document retrieval services with fast turnaround, competitive prices and unmatched
customer service.

The interactive Tempus IP website, developed by Minesoft, allows customers to order US and non-US File Histories (also known as File Wrappers), certified documents, non-patent literature, trademark IP documents and hard-to-find patent copies. Services also include chain of title searches, legalizations and authentications, USPTO hand-delivery services and legal or machine translations.

Well-located to take advantage of USPTO document resources and with established contacts to other major IP centres globally, Tempus IP offers a flexible, trouble-free and cost-effective IP document ordering service.

Quick look...

  • US & International Patent File Histories/File Wrappers
  • Hard-to-find copies of patent documents from around the world
  • Certified U.S. and Foreign Documents
  • Prior Art, Assignment, and Chain of Title Information
  • Integration with Minesoft solutions
  • User-friendly order tracking system
  • Easy account sign-up

Key features of Tempus IP

  • Save time and hassle locating IP documents with Tempus IP’s interactive website – ready to receive your request 24 hours a day
  • Talk to one of our experienced search and retrieval advisers in Washington DC if you need assistance with your order
  • User-friendly online tracking system lets you easily manage your account to retrieve past and current orders
  • Tempus IP can be integrated with PatentOrder and other Minesoft products to streamline your IP document ordering process
  • Every client has their own free, dedicated archive that is stored centrally
  • Bulk supply available for special one-off projects
  • Sign-up is easy at the Tempus IP website, with no deposit or up-front commitment required

Please contact Tempus IP on tel: 1-866-797-2350 (toll free) or +1 703-379-2350 outside USA) or email info@tempusip.com.

For further details, visit www.tempusip.com