High-speed Patent Document Delivery


PatentOrder is a fast, reliable and
hiqh-quality patent documentation service

It retrieves complete patent documents from over 60 countries
and delivers them straight to your inbox or local PC in a single
PDF file in minutes.

PatentOrder reaches out to major collections on every
continent, including USPTO, EPO, Depatisnet and
Minesoft’s own extensive archive.

One of the very first electronic patent document services available in the IP industry at launch, PatentOrder remains one of the fastest and most widely used tools of its kind.

Quick look...

Why use PatentOrder?

  • Flexible set up options
  • PatentOrder Desktop: a single-user application run locally on your PC
  • PatentOrder Web: accessible company-wide; usually hosted for you by
    Minesoft but can be installed internally on your own company Intranet
  • Searchable PDFs and Machine Translations
  • Key authorities on day of publication for a competitive advantage
  • Full integration of Web version with PatBase, PatBase Express and other products
  • Bulk downloading of documents for rapid delivery
  • Central digital archiving of all documents
  • INPADOC Patent Family, Legal Status and Search Report option
  • Selection and Preview of publications before ordering
  • Integration with Tempus IP for file histories and other IP documents

For full country coverage information for PatentOrder, please contact Minesoft.

Other patent document services

Tempus IP
For special requests and hard-to-find patents (as well as all kinds of other IP documents including file histories),
contact our partner company Tempus IP. www.tempusip.com

Document Wizard

Automatically add hyperlinks within internal IP documents/reports with Minesoft Document Wizard.
Upload your documents and any patent numbers will automatically hyperlink to the original patent PDF.

Contact Minesoft for more information.