Automatic Patent Register Monitoring

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Outsource the time-consuming task of tracking the status of patent applications to PatentTracker – the trusted patent register monitoring service. Minesoft PatentTracker is an effective, stress-free way to keep a close eye on a variety of detailed national patent registers in Europe and
North America including the US Patent and Trademark Office and the European Patent Office registers, and registers for Germany, Britain and Canada. Whenever a change occurs, you can rely on PatentTracker to alert you by email – saving hours of valuable time. Fully maintained and hosted by Minesoft, PatentTracker includes a personal archive for each client, providing a useful back-up facility for peace of mind.


Quick look...

  • Detects changes to a variety of European and North American patent registers
  • Closely observes applications up to grant and beyond
  • Receive an automatic email whenever procedural changes are detected
  • Eliminate the need for time-consuming manual checks
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Why use PatentTracker?

  • Provide your Legal/IP Department with a self-service patent tracking tool
  • Follow your patent application’s progress through the grant procedure
  • Track third party patents to gain useful competitive intelligence
  • Monitor patent validity to inform strategic business decisions
  • No more wasting time – get alerted only when a change has occurred
  • Watch a handful or hundreds of patent applications reliably and cost-effectively

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