Patent Family & Legal Status Checks

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Carry out unlimited, on-the-spot checks of Patent Families and Legal Status with Minesoft Patent Family.

Get straight to the precise information you need with no distractions.

The easy-to-use web application retrieves data from the European Patent Office INPADOC resource, and together with additional legal information
from other patent registers, produces clear and concise reports.  

Patent Family is an ideal service for patent attorneys, paralegals and administrative staff looking for a time-saving way to access current
family and legal status details for patents.

Conducting searches is very straightforward with Patent Family – simply enter one or several patent publication numbers and the requested family and legal status report will be displayed immediately.
Integrated links to relevant documents located at other websites such as national patent registers enable further research.

Click here to see an example of the information provided.

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  • Unlimited, on-the spot checks of patent families and legal status
  • INPADOC® OPS and Patent Office data
  • Clear, concise Report for each patent family
  • Up-to-date as real-time data is used to compile reports
  • Batch uploading of patent numbers
  • PatentFamily brochure
  • PatentOrder
  • PatentOrder brochure

Minesoft Patent Family has been designed to be a trouble-free product in every way. It can be accessed via an internet connection or through a corporate Intranet. The service is hosted, updated and fully maintained by Minesoft throughout the subscription period.

Need to obtain patent copies too?
If you need to obtain copies of the original patent documents along with your INPADOC family and legal status report, PatDocs combines PatentFamilyPortal with our widely used PatentOrder document delivery service. For more information please click here.
To register for a demonstration or trial of Patent Family, please contact Minesoft.