Powerful patent insights

PatBase Analytics combines high quality patent data from over 100 authorities with in-built analytics developed by patent information experts

Quick look...

  • Rapid, in-depth analysis software to visualise and interpret patent data - graphs, charts, clusters, heat maps
  • Powerful perspectives: make connections ,analyse white space and assess patentability
  • Customisable Analytics Dashboard and fully tailorable, interactive graphs to suit
    your needs
  • Extract meaningful insights - gain competitive intelligence and understand the landscape
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High quality data in…...

PatBase is a sophisticated platform for searching enhanced patent data

  • Unique database containing over 100 million patent documents
  • Organised into patent families for more efficient searches
  • Extensive full text collection; searchable machine translations
  • 6 classification systems including high level definitions
  • Comprehensive assignee data – translated and probable names; reassignments

High quality analysis out

Visualise and interpret patent data in new and powerful ways

PatBase Analytics is built into PatBase and PatBase Express

  • Analyse up to 100,000 patent families at one time – straight from your search results
  • Understand the patent landscape with interactive and customisable graphs
  • Assignee groupings  - effectively manage company name variations and subsidiaries
  • Advanced text clustering – drill down for detailed full text keyword analysis
  • Analytics Dashboard – create your own overview with movable widgets

PatBase Analytics is fully integrated online and is available at
no extra cost to PatBase/PatBase Express subscribers

For a demonstration and free trial, go to www.discoverpatents.net