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Minesoft Legal Tracker

Minesoft Legal Status Tracker is a NEW Web-based Alerting Service that monitors changes to legal status of patent applications,
patents and patent families

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  • Automatic patent legal status monitoring – applications, grants and patent families
  • Worldwide coverage – 60+ global patent authorities covered by INPADOC
  • Broad alerts based on legal status groups, or pinpoint specific EPO legal status codes
  • No more time-consuming manual checks – receive an email when there is a change
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  • When a patent is granted in a certain country
  • Changes in patent ownership
  • When an opposition is filed against a patent
  • If a patent application has been abandoned or withdrawn
  • Changes in status for the whole patent family

Legal Status Tracker provides

  • Worldwide coverage - track changes published weekly on the European Patent Office’s comprehensive INPADOC legal status file spanning over 60 global patenting authorities

  • Flexibility - keep a broad overview of changes matching legal status groups and countries, or go into detail by carefully selecting country-specific EPO legal status codes
  • Efficiency – automatic email alerts whenever a change occurs eliminates the need for time-consuming manual legal status checks

  • No alert too big, or small! Monitor events for individual patents or upload large lists of multiple patent numbers - track
    individual countries or the complete patent families

Ideal for Patent Attorneys, Lawyers, IP Counsel, R&D Information professionals, Search Firms and Licensing and Technology Transfer to help manage internal and external patent portfolios

Looking to track changes on specific patent registers?

Find out more about Minesoft’s Patent Tracker service here. Automated patent register monitoring for updates
on the status of patent applications up to grant and beyond

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