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Minesoft discusses patents and competitive intelligence in the Handbook of European IP Management Chapter features in 4th edition of Handbook of European IP Management 2015, in association with Kogan PageJuly 2015
Minesoft receives Queen's Award for Enterprise at Buckingham PalaceMinesoft attend winners' reception given by HM The Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh at Buckingham PalaceJuly 2015
Minesoft sponsors Richmond Business Awards 2015 Minesoft proud to support local Richmond Business Awards 2015, sponsoring Best Website category [Richmond & Twickenham Times, July 10th]July 2015
Freepint reviews PatBase - the highlightsSummary of the recent comprehensive review by Freepint of PatBase, the global patent database from Minesoft & RWS GroupJuly 2015
Minesoft profiled in new book celebrating British history, launched at Westminster AbbeyMinesoft attends the launch at Westminster Abbey of a book the company is featured in, celebrating 750 years of parliamentJune 2015
Israeli full text patent data added to PatBaseMinesoft & RWS Group add full text Israeli patent data to PatBase, the global patent databaseJune 2015
Israeli full text patent data added to PatBase [Hebrew version]Minesoft and RWS Group add full text Israeli patent data to PatBase, the global patent databaseJune 2015
Minesoft adds new Citation Explorer tool to PatBase, the global patent databaseMinesoft & RWS Group have introduced Citation Explorer to PatBase to help users navigate and review patent citationsJune 2015
Minesoft Sponsors Regional Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2015Minesoft is confirmed as sponsor of the Richmond Business Awards 2015 celebrating regional business successMay 2015
Minesoft discusses the value of patent citations at the international II-SDV Information Conference Minesoft's Olivier Huc delivered a presentation on the benefits and challenges of searching patent citations at II-SDV in Nice, April 20 to 21May 2015
Bridging the digital divide in patent information Minesoft reports on a WIPO initiative encouraging access to patent information in developing countries [published in World IP Review Annual 2015]May 2015
Minesoft Releases Ebola Patent Landscape StudyAalt van der Kuilen utilises PatBase, and its innovative analysis tools, to create a detailed patent landscape report on the topical subject of Ebola.May 2015
Queen's Award for Enterprise 2015Minesoft obtiene uno de los más prestigiosos premios que pueda obtener una empresa en el Reino Unido, “The Queen’s award for Enterprise 2015”, Premio de la Reina para “Mejor Empresa 2015”.April 2015
Queen's Award for Enterprise 2015Minesoft remporte la prestigieuse récompense Britannique "Queen’s Award for Enterprise" 2015April 2015
Queen's Award for Enterprise 2015Minesoft gewinnt den renommiertesten Unternehmenspreis in Großbritannien, der "Queen's Award for Enterprise 2015"April 2015
Queen's Award for Enterprise 2015Minesoft wins the UK's most prestigious business award, the Queen's Award for Enterprise 2015April 2015
Minesoft Releases Patent Landscape White Paper on 3D PrintingMinesoft has released a white paper on the 3D printing patent landscape, created using PatBase & PatBase Analytics softwareApril 2015
Minesoft showcases latest patent software innovations at global IP conferences Minesoft presents patent software solutions to audiences at international IP conferences April 2015
Minesoft develops API to open up access to big patent dataNew Minesoft PatBase API allows internal applications to interface seamlessly with PatBase dataApril 2015
Minesoft congratulates Dr Peter Kallas of BASF AG. on winning the International Patent Information Award 2015Dr Kallas was honoured for his Outstanding Contribution and Lifelong Dedication to the Advancement of Patent Information at IPI-Confex in RomeMarch 2015
Minesoft Launches Patent Legal Status Tracker ServiceMinesoft launches new tracker service for closely monitoring patent legal status changesFebruary 2015
Minesoft Launches Smart Service For Monitoring Patent CitationsMinesoft launches CiteTracker, a patent citations watch service ideal for competitive intelligence monitoringJanuary 2015
Minesoft wins Best Exporter at regional Chamber of Commerce AwardsMinesoft announced as winner of 'Best Exporter' category in annual business awards organised by Richmond Chamber of Commerce.November 2014
Corporate Tree enhances company searches in patent information platforms PatBase and PatBase Express Minesoft & RWS introduce Corporate Tree feature to patent search platforms to help overcome complexities of searching by company or patent owner nameOctober 2014
Minesoft and RWS Group launch advanced patent data analysis software - PatBase AnalyticsPatBase Analytics is a powerful patent analysis software package capable of rapid and in-depth analysis of tens of thousands of full-text patent records in minutes. September 2014
Minesoft and RWS introduce powerful new Patent Analytics software and Corporate Tree feature to PatBase ExpressPatBase Express - the online patent database designed for endusers - benefits from advanced new patent analytics, a corporate tree, and legal status review functionalitySeptember 2014
Minesoft launches new responsive PatBase Express website for patent researchPatBase Express - the online searchable patent database created by Minesoft and RWS Group - has been redesigned to provide a seamless and consistent user experience across multiple devices and platformsSeptember 2014
PatBase and GenomeQuest Integration AnnouncedMinesoft and GenomeQuest announce integration agreement for genetic sequence patent searchingSeptember 2014
Minesoft annonce le lancement d’un nouveau service de surveillance des citations – CiteTrackerMinesoft vient de lancer un tout nouveau service pour surveiller les citations brevetJuly 2014
Minesoft anuncia el lanzamiento de un nuevo servicio de vigilancia de Citas llamado Cite TrackerMinesoft ha lanzado un nuevo servicio para monitorear automáticamente las citas de patentes recientemente publicadasJuly 2014
Neuer Service zur Überwachung von Patentzitierungen Mit CiteTracker startet Minesoft einen neuen Service zur automatischen Überwachung neu veröffentlichter PatentzitierungenJuly 2014
Minesoft launches new CiteTracker serviceMinesoft announces the launch of a new patent citations watch service - CiteTrackerJuly 2014
Minesoft presents at international IP conferencesMinesoft showcases latest patent software innovations at global IP conferences June 2014
Time-saving PatBase features releasedMinesoft announces enhanced Advanced Highlighting tool and new 'Similar' feature in PatBase to help speed up patent research June 2014
Celebrating 10 years of PatBaseArticle published in Patent Lawyer Magazine, Mar/April 2014 issueApril 2014
TouchBase Newsletter Spring/Summer 2014Keep up-to-date with the latest PatBase enhancements and other Minesoft newsMarch 2014
Advanced new legal status tools added to PatBaseMinesoft and RWS Group introduce sophisticated new Legal Status review tools and a Similarity Search to PatBase, the global patent database.January 2014
PatBase: a one-stop patent information shop (WIPR article)Celebrating 10 years of PatBase, the global patent database from Minesoft and RWS Group. Originally published in World Intellectual Property Review, Nov-Dec 2013.November 2013
TouchBase Newsletter: Autumn/Winter 2013Keep up-to-date with the latest PatBase enhancements and other Minesoft newsOctober 2013
The role of Information in InnovationMinesoft article featured in the UKIPO-endorsed ‘The Innovation Handbook’, 3rd edition (3rd July 2013)September 2013
Advances in Legal Status searching in PatBase Minesoft and RWS announce important new legal status functionality in PatBaseSeptember 2013
Avances en la búsqueda del Estado Legal en PatBaseMinesoft y RWS anuncian una nueva funcionalidad importante del estado legal en PatBaseSeptember 2013
New Chinese interface for PatBaseMinesoft and RWS Group announce the launch today of a full Chinese interface for PatBase, the global patent databaseSeptember 2013
New Chinese interface for PatBaseMinesoft and RWS Group announce the launch today of a new Chinese interface for PatBase [Press Release is in Chinese]September 2013
Russian patents added to PatBaseMinesoft and RWS introduce important new collection to benefit patent researchersMay 2013
New features added to PatBase, May 2013Minesoft and RWS announce new features in PatBase to enhance search and review of patent informationMay 2013
Asian Patent Collections Added To PatBaseMinesoft and RWS announce addition of significant Asian patent collections to PatBase - the industry-leading global patent databaseApril 2013
What Is New? - Spring 2013 A round-up of the latest enhancements in PatBase, PatBase Express and other Minesoft productsMarch 2013
Patent Information Today [Research Information article]Minesoft reflects on patent information today in this Research Information article featured in the Feb/Mar 2013 issueFebruary 2013
New:PatBase Express links from USGENE PatBase Express full-text link options now available in the USGENE BLAST Search PortalJanuary 2013
Engineering Information - Minesoft InspecA Research Information article (Dec/Jan 2013 issue) 'Information for Invention' - featuring Minesoft InspecJanuary 2013
Minesoft Inspec is launchedMinesoft Inspec is now available - a new web platform for fast, precise Engineering & Technology Research, developed in partnership with IETNovember 2012
TouchBase Autumn 2012Keep up-to-date with the latest TouchBase newsletterNovember 2012
New PatentOrder corporate website launchedNew corporate website launched – Free 7 Day PatentOrder Trial downloadSeptember 2012
Nouveaux outils de recherche multilingues dans PatBaseMinesoft et RWS annoncent le lancement de nouveaux outils de recherche multilingues en collaboration avec l’OMPIJune 2012
New Cross-lingual search tools in PatBaseMinesoft & RWS Group announce introduction of cross-lingual search tools in PatBase, in co-operation with WIPO June 2012
Neues Cross Lingual Recherche-Tool in PatBaseMinesoft und RWS integrieren in PatBase das neue Cross Lingual Recherche-Tool (CLIR) in Zusammenarbeit mit der WIPOJune 2012
New Image Viewer added to PatBase Coverage and functionality improvements to patent drawings in PatBase announcedMay 2012
PatBase Enhancements March 2012Minesoft and RWS Group announce a new release of PatBase this SpringMarch 2012
TouchBase: Minesoft Newsletter Spring 2012Keep updated on the latest news from Minesoft with TouchBase, Spring 2012March 2012
PatBase system upgrade announcedMajor system upgrade to PatBase to meet surging demand February 2012
PatBase an der Hochschule Amberg-WeidenMinesoft unterrichtet Studenten des Studienganges „Patentingenieurwesen“ an der Hochschule Amberg-Weiden im sicheren Umgang mit PatBase.January 2012
Inspec - powered by Minesoft. Coming soon.Minesoft announces partnership with the IET to offer the Inspec database on the powerful Minesoft platformNovember 2011
TouchBase: PatBase Newsletter Autumn 2011 EditionKeep updated on PatBase and other Minesoft newsNovember 2011
Minesoft's 15th AnniversaryMinesoft – Celebrating 15 years successful business in the patent information field with the launch of Community ProjectsOctober 2011
PatBase Coverage significantly increasedMinesoft and RWS Group announce significant enhancements to the searchable Full Text coverage in PatBase, their proprietary international patent database.October 2011
PatBase Enhancements October 2011Minesoft and RWS Group are pleased to bring you a new release of PatBase this Autumn.October 2011
Minesoft TMQuest launchedMinesoft launches new, free US Trademark search website – Minesoft TMQuestSeptember 2011
Welcome to the German Helpdesk Minesoft : Neuer Kontakt für Support und Kundenservice (DE)September 2011
Minesoft Orangebook LaunchedMinesoft Orangebook: A new free service from Minesoft that puts Pharmaceutical Industry Intelligence at your fingertipsJuly 2011
PatBase Enhancements July 2011Minesoft & RWS Group announce the latest enhancements to PatBase including Legal Status improvements and Citations graphsJuly 2011
New Tempus IP website launchedTempus IP announces brand new document delivery service website July 2011
Minesoft in Dominican Republic for ASPI programMinesoft attends an event in Dominican Republic as a partner in WIPO’s ASPI initiative - promoting innovation in developing countriesJune 2011
Native Language Searching in PatBaseMinesoft & RWS Group announce major advances in Native Language Searching in PatBaseApril 2011
Working with Asian patent information in PatBasePoster designed for poster session at the EPO’s East Meets West conference in ViennaApril 2011
New Visual Explorer tool in PatBase ExpressMinesoft & RWS Group announce the introduction of a new visualisation and clustering tool to the Express interface – Visual ExplorerApril 2011
Custom User Fields in PatBaseCustom User Fields introduced to PatBase to classify records with client-specific informationApril 2011
TouchBase: PatBase Newsletter Spring EditionKeep updated on PatBase & other Minesoft NewsMarch 2011
PatBase Enhancements March 2011Minesoft & RWS Group announce the latest enhancements to PatBaseMarch 2011
PatBase Express Enhancements March 2011Minesoft & RWS Group announce the latest enhancements to PatBase Express including a new interface designMarch 2011
PatBase Roadshow The PatBase Roadshow held in February 2011February 2011
PatBase Enhancements December 2010Minesoft & RWS Group announce the latest enhancements to PatBase, including a brand new interfaceDecember 2010
New PatBase launchedMinesoft and RWS Group announce a brand new version of PatBase.December 2010
Minesoft partners with WIPO to provide searchable patent documents containing scientific and technological informationMinesoft announces a new partnership with WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organization, to provide access to specialized patent information for researchers, educators, and professionals in some of the world’s poorest countries.September 2010
PatBase Enhancements March 2010Minesoft & RWS Group announce the latest enhancements to PatBase and PatBase ExpressMarch 2010
PatBase Newsletter Spring 2010Keep updated on PatBase and other Minesoft newsMarch 2010
Minesoft announces Minesoft iNSIGHT ProMinesoft partners with Gridlogics to launch an integrated IP analytics platform "Minesoft iNSIGHT Pro" to its customers.March 2010
VantagePoint announces support for PatBaseMinesoft and RWS announce a new co-operation using VantagePoint expertise to perform data-mining and management analyses of PatBase® dataMay 2009
Minesoft awarded Queen's Award for EnterpriseMinesoft wins the prestigious "Queen's Award for Enterprise" for rapidly growing export markets in the field of intellectual Property (patent) information.April 2009
New office in Germany for Minesoft (DE)Minesoft opens a new office in Düsseldorf, Germany.April 2009
PatentOrder EnhancementsEnglish Machine Translations available for Asian patent documents and Searchable PDFs now available.March 2009
PatBase EnhancementsMinesoft and RWS Group announce the introduction of 'Snapshot', an instant statistical analysis tool, to PatBase.March 2009
New Korean DistributorIPI Co Ltd in Seoul, South Korea signs an agreement to distribute Minesoft's patent products.November 2008
New Indian DistributorGridlogics in India signs agreement to distribute Minesoft's patent products.November 2008
PatBase EnhancementsMinesoft and RWS Group are proud to announce the addition of a new Non-Latin text search engine to PatBase® - a major enhancement in the industry from a leading international patent database supplier.November 2008
Tempus IP LaunchMinesoft and Tempus IP are proud to announce a new, cost-effective, internet service delivering file histories, NPL and certified IP documents.September 2008
PatBase - Japanese Patent InformationMinesoft and RWS Group announce a massive amount of new searchable text from Japan in their proprietary international patent service, PatBase.November 2007
VizPat™ - Advanced Pictorial AnalysisMinesoft and RWS Group announce VizPat: a new graphical toolkit for patent information, developed for use within their proprietary international patent database, PatBase.November 2007
BizInt announces support for PatentOrderBizInt announces Version 3.3 of BizInt Smart Charts for Patents, which will add support to Minesoft PatentOrder, for delivery of patent copies in PDF format.October 2007
New Vice President for North America Sales and Business DevelopmentTimothy P. Campbell has been named Vice President for North America Sales and Business Development.October 2007
PatBase Express EnhancementsMinesoft and RWS add unlimited RSS feeds and machine translation to PatBase Express for patent intelligence.May 2007
PatBase EnhancementsMinesoft and RWS add Japanese analysis and more machine translation to PatBase.May 2007
PatBase News SummaryMinesoft and RWS announce new features for PatBase.May 2007
PatBase EnhancementsMinesoft and RWS announce new search and display features for PatBase.October 2006
Minesoft launch Minesoft PatentOrder ArchiveA complete patent management system: create and search your own patent archive, then organise and examine your documents.May 2006
New Distribution ChannelsLondon: Minesoft is pleased to announce new distribution channels in Asia and Australasia for its state of the art searchable patent information products, databases and software solutions.February 2006
PatBase Express LaunchLondon: Minesoft and RWS group launch PatBase Express - an ideal solution for searching and examining patent information throughout an enterpriseFebruary 2006
PatBase EnhancementsPatBase, the searchable patent database organised into patent families, has undergone much development since its commercial launch two years ago.November 2005
PatBase Machine TranslationsMachine translations added to speed up international patent information searchingSeptember 2005
PatBase Full Text NewsRWS and Minesoft add over 10 million full-text patent documents to PatBaseNovember 2004
New features in PatentOrderMinesoft has added several useful new features to the PatentOrder document delivery service. PatentOrder clients can automatically update their software and should contact Minesoft if any further help or instructions are required.January 2004
PatBase LaunchedNew searchable patent family database from Minesoft and RWS GroupOctober 2003
Exploring patentsMinesoft and RWS announce new analysis tools and enhancements to visualisation of patent data in PatBaseNovember 1999
Patent Viewer (DE)Organise, manage and examine your patent portfolioNovember 1999
Patent ViewerOrganise, manage and examine your patent portfolioNovember 1999