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A dynamic, modern web platform designed for
precise, fast research in Engineering and Technology.

With access to over 14 million global, peer-reviewed articles, Minesoft Inspec is an essential
tool for new product and technology research, prior art searching, technological
forecasting and competitive intelligence.

Minesoft Inspec database

IET Inspec takes the latest information from over 8,000 science journals and research papers to provide up-do-date snapshots of the latest research and cutting edge development around the world. It is an indispensable resource relied upon by innovators, researchers and engineers to stay current, whilst providing a
significant historical reference archive of
knowledge dating back to 1898.

Quick look...

  • Global peer-reviewed Engineering & Technology research literature.
  • Choice of interface: Advanced professional or end-user Express
  • 13 million articles abstracted and indexed by experts
  • Sourced from 8,000 scientific & technical journals plus conference reports, books and videos

Why use Minesoft InspecIET logo

  • Dynamic interfaces designed for both expert searchers and end users take advantage of in-depth indexing in a web environment
  • Text and Cluster Analysis tools enable users to visualise and further analyse results graphically
  • Results Folders can be shared with colleagues throughout the enterprise and saved for further use and manipulation
  • Direct links to the original full text articles have been added for ease of document ordering
  • Each week Minesoft Inspec is fully updated, ensuring a rapid Alert Service for current awareness and an ever-growing Reference Archive
  • Reviewing research findings is faster and easier with Minesoft's advanced highlighting options
  • User-friendly search forms as well as expert command line searching is offered
  • Display of Information can be altered to suit user preferences
  • Flat rate, all-inclusive annual subscriptions are offered for individual use or to provide a corporate-wide solution

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